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About Us

Aina has devoted generations in finding premium clothing for women who are looking for exceptionally crafted indigenous Indian wear. We craft premium and versatile Indian wear for all occasions, fit for women across all spheres. Aina is a story created over decades by understanding your needs, and catering to them has been our process.

We believe in a process that believes in care. The fabrics we choose and the designs we keep have you at the focus. We believe in the best, which is exactly what you deserve. Our collections bring the convenience of a regular wear that speaks of premium and intricate designs. It is from our experience that we speak and of course our customers, who we listen to. We constantly strive to be a customer-centric clothing brand that touch on your personal biases.

Our premium fabrics are made by trusted and tested artisans from all across India. We work with master craftspeople to produce depth and fineness in our collection. Our goal is to blend traditional craft with a modern fit and that is how we have created the perfect contemporary Indian aesthetics. Each artisan we partner with, comes with their own story and history. This has helped in inculcating diverse and exceptional craftsmanship in each of our products.

Our understanding starts with you. Your story matters and so does your time. That is why our collection has been curated with pieces handpicked by experts who have been working in this domain for more than 40 years. Aina packs elegance with subtlety, our pieces outline strength and contemporary aesthetics. Aina lauds our culture, magnifies our roots, and celebrates the quintessential Indian experience of womanhood.